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50 percent good!

Male (36) looking for Female London, Essex, United Kingdom

Hi I'm Michael. My father is Mick and my grandfather Micky,

I have lived my life. I am 30 and have only just realised how much more there is to learn. I was a Captain in the British Army and served in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am a pacifist.

I was the logistic manager for the Olympic Torch Relay and have been to every town and city in the UK. No place has soul like Brighton.

I managed a conferencing company for lawyers and regulators in London. They have no soul. And so my first tattoo.

I ran away to Africa. Realised that what I needed was closer to home.

I have been married and divorced. Felt lost.

My friends have always been there for me and I for them, some of them for 25 years. Felt safe.

Crave intimacy. Passion isn't just desire. Something deeper and more. I hate overindulgent thought and pretentious words which is why I won't read this once written.

I have two dogs that I don't see as much as I'd like. Huxley and Lola. I love Huxley infinitely more than any person and feel that I've let him down.

I play music. Not that well but that doesn't matter. I sing. Loud. I play the flute, the piano and the guitar. I was bullied for playing the flute, I now use it as a weapon.

I wrote a poem and spoke it to an audience.

I fight sometimes but only when I can justify it. Need to feel like a man (don't know what that means) and feel weak for that reason.

I love comedy... I think that anything that invokes an involuntary physical reaction (a laugh)... can be deeply profound. I learnt all the words to George Carlin's modern man. It took months and many hours. I haven't recited it to anyone but myself. I tattooed 'Its just a ride' on my arm. I adore Bill Hicks even though he only has 1 hour of material.

I don't take life or myself seriously and that's a serious ****ing endeavour. I always smile. Always. I find it easy to convince people that I have profound thoughts and a honest purpose in life. I trust those who know I don't. My friends tell me to stop contradicting myself and I quote them the words of other people.... 'and I say to any man or woman, let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes. Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes'.

I can come across as pretentious to those who don't know me. I see myself as flawed and only saved by my humility. I do not judge and shout down those who do.

I dance and dance and dance and dance.

The end

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